Why You Need a Roadworthy Certificate for Your Car

As part of the government’s efforts to protect consumers and the general public on the road, it has been implementing regulations that will help ensure the safety of motorists on the road. A roadworthy certificate, otherwise known as a safety certificate, is a requirement in Queensland in case you plan to sell your vehicle or register a vehicle. As a general rule, the certificate is there to state the roadworthiness of your car.

To obtain this certificate, a licensed inspector will have to check on the basic parts of the vehicle that are essential for sound operation of the car. These include the tyres, brakes, suspension, steering, windshield, lights and body rust or damage.

A road worthy certificate not only helps foster safe driving on the road, but it also helps to protect the buying consumer. This adds assurance to second-hand vehicle buyers that the car they are buying is in good condition.

When Do You Need It?

A roadworthy certificate is required when you are selling a vehicle or are having it registered. This is applicable to vehicles on sale, whether you are selling the vehicle online, in a public offering, or simply with a ‘for sale’ sign on the vehicle. Your roadworthy certificate must be displayed on the vehicle where people can see it easily.

The safety certificate should be displayed on the windows or windscreen of a car, on the front forks or guard of a motorbike, or in the draw-bar of a trailer. Failure to display the safety certificate from the time you offer the vehicle for sale could result in the payment of a fine.

How to Obtain a Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy certificates can be issued by a private entity, as long as it is licensed to issue one. You can go to duly licensed mechanics to have your vehicle checked. If your car or vehicle passes the safety and machinery inspection, you will be issued a roadworthy certificate. If your car does not pass, you will have to make the necessary repairs so as to meet the requirements. Click here for more info on obtaining a roadworthy certificate.

Roadworthy certificates have a lifespan, depending on who is selling the vehicle. Regular sellers receive roadworthy certificates that are valid for two months or 2000 km, whichever comes first.

There are vehicles that can be transferred to another person without the need for a safety certificate, such as when you are a beneficiary of a deceased estate or when as sale takes place between spouses.

It is always important to know the regulations that are imposed in the area where you live. If you are registering or selling a vehicle, be mindful of the requirements for obtaining a roadworthy certificate.


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