Obtaining Roadworthy Certificates

If you are planning to put your car on sale, you must first satisfy some requirements being asked by the government. The requirements are in line with the government’s thrust to improve road safety. Roadworthy certificates are among the primary requirements needed for vehicle owners wanting to sell their vehicle or get it registered.

What is a Road Worthy Certificate?

Basically, a roadworthy certificate is a document stating the roadworthiness of the vehicle. This not only serves as an assurance that the vehicle is safe to drive on the road, it is also an added protection to the buyer who will then be assured that the vehicle they are purchasing in good driving condition.

A roadworthy certificate is issued to a vehicle that has passed the proper check-up. The basic parts of the cars are checked to see if they are working in good condition.

In Queensland, the roadworthy certificate is a required document that must be displayed on every vehicle that is being sold by the owner. The certificate must be visually available, so it has to be attached on areas of the car where it can easily be seen. For example, it can be displayed on a window of the car. For car sellers, the roadworthy certificate lasts for two months or after 2,000 km, whichever comes first.

Where to Get a Roadworthy Certificate

A roadworthy certificate can be obtained from a duly licensed car service. Turley Car & Truck can provide you with a convenient way of obtaining a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle.

The car repair company services customers who have just moved to Queensland and who need a roadworthy certificate to register the vehicle for Queensland. A roadworthy certificate can also be issued for used vehicles that will be put on sale.

As a specialist in car repair and tune-ups, Turley Car & Truck is licensed to perform safety and machine inspections on the vehicle, and if it passes, issue a roadworthy certificate. In case the vehicle fails the safety and machinery inspections, the company can perform the necessary repairs.

Upon completion of the repairs, a roadworthy certificate will be issued. You can learn more about the company’s roadworthy certificate service and other mechanical services at its website at www.turleycarandtruck.com.au.

Obtaining a roadworthy certificate should not be a hassle if you are living in Queensland. With the help of an expert in car repairs and inspection, this requirement is quick and easy to secure.



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