Towing the Line with Turley Car and Truck

You can never be sure exactly when you might need the services of a repair or towing service, but you can be sure that you can count on Turley Car & Truck to assist you in your time of need. Whether your car or truck has broken down, needs towing from an accident or you just need a reliable service carried out, Turley Car & truck have you covered.

Family owned and operating since 1987, you will only find reliable and professional mechanics at Turley Car & Truck. Approved repairers for reputable insurance agencies such as Allianz, Vero, AMP, Suncorp, AAMI and Gio, Turley Car & Truck strive to provide the best service for your vehicle every time.

As well as towing services, Turley Car & Truck can provide you with outstanding vehicle servicing.


Log book services, new car services and fleet servicing are just a few of the items that Turley Car & Truck provide. General, regular servicing such as Transmissions, Tune-ups, Brakes, Clutches, Injector Servicing, and Suspensions, amongst others, will ensure that your car runs as well as it should for a good deal of time.

Turley’s will give advice regarding what is a priority for repairs on your car and work out a sufficient plan if required to keep it running for you. You can also get windscreens replaced and tyres fitted. No matter your make or model, Turley Car & Truck can sort out your servicing needs and offer extra services for Power Steering, Cooling Systems and Diesel Injectors.


Your truck is in good hands with Turley Car & Truck. From log book servicing to fleet servicing, your vehicle will have a safety check carried out at each service to ensure that they are familiar with your truck and they will discuss repairs required to suit your budget.

Services for trucks include Brake repairs, Clutch repairs, Transmissions, Engine rebuilds, Cylinder Head repairs, Injector servicing, Suspension work, and all mechanical repairs, as well as the supply and fitting of windscreens.

If being able to get servicing, towing and road worthy carried out wasn’t enough, you can get your truck washed too! A hot water pressure cleaner means your chassis will be shiny and clean with an undercarriage any truck or car owner would be envious of.

If you want the very best services for your car or truck that Ipswich has to provide, visit Turley Car & Truck online at today.



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