Getting your Vehicle Serviced

For over twenty years, Turley Car and Truck have been helping the folks in Ipswich with their car troubles. They are known for their attention to detail and their reliable service. Making sure that your vehicle – domestic or commercial – is properly serviced will ensure that it lasts longer and will help you nip expensive problems in the bud.

Turley Car and Truck is the very definition of reliable car service.Should you break down, just give them a call and they will have someone come out to the site and assist you there.

Car Service

They will carry general services, Log Book services, new car services and fleet servicing.

Each service includes a safety check to enable the mechanics to determine the condition of the vehicle and to let the clients make informed decisions about repairs to be made. This allows the client to schedule repairs in terms of priorities and minimise emergency breakdowns.

They service the brakes, transmission, clutch, injector and Aircon. They will perform engine tune ups and rebuilds, check suspension work and conduct cylinder head repairs as well as any authorised mechanical repairs.

They make use of computer diagnosis and will repair electrical faults. They are also able to fit windscreens and tyres.

They have a wide range of experience dealing with all makes and models of vehicles.

Truck Service

They will carry out all the above on trucks, four wheel drives, buses and motor-homes as well. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be properly dealt with. The team has extensive experience with all manner of large trucks and buses.

Fleet Service

They are an authorised repairer for Fleetcare and SG Fleet.

They will collect and deliver fleet vehicles locally making it very convenient for you.

Rest Assured

They are also an authorised repairer for Suncorp, AMP, AAMI, Gio, Allianz Insurance and Vero. Not only is this good for your peace of mind – you can rest assured that they are qualified to effect the repairs – but you will also be able to get insurance claims through a lot more quickly.

It is important for you to take your vehicle to a team of mechanics that have the experience and know how to thoroughly check it out and conduct any repairs if you want to keep it in top shape for a lot longer.

Choose the professionals that care and that have been around for a while – you don’t want some fly by night company, you want a trusted name. For more info go to



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