The Benefits of Car Servicing

While on the road, drivers bear certain responsibilities, including following road rules, being courteous to fellow motorists, and putting safety first. The last includes making sure your car is in a roadworthy condition.

Knowing the basics such as how to check air pressure and monitor engine oil levels is important. However, a car is a complex piece of machinery that needs to be serviced and maintained by an expert. A car that is not properly maintained is a danger on the roads. Moreover, you can save a lot of money in the long term with a regular car service.

Here are other reasons why it is essential to have your car regularly serviced.

Save on Fuel

A car features interconnecting components, and minor changes to these components can significantly impact on the performance of your car. These changes will happen over time due to natural wear and tear. Have these changes looked into before they become significant, with regular servicing. As your car gradually loses efficiency because of natural wear and tear, it will need more and more fuel to travel the same distance. With regular servicing, your car will need fewer visits to the gas station and you can save money for other things.

Extend the Life of your Tyres

Regular servicing should include tyre rotation and balance. This involves transferring the rear tyres to the front of the car, and vice versa. The front tyres should be balanced so the car will not vibrate at high speeds.

Aside from ensuring that you have the best tyres on the front for safety, tyre rotation is important, as it will prolong the life of your tyres by balancing their wear. Tyres are expensive, and regular rotation will maximise their lifespan.

Ensuring Safety for You, Your Family and other Motorists

Irregular servicing and improper maintenance make your car a lethal machine on the road. There are simple things you can perform to ensure that your car is in good condition. However, these should not replace the services that a professional mechanic can do for your car. Regular servicing by a professional will significantly minimise the risk of serious accidents on the road.

Avoid Breakdowns

Many vehicle breakdowns can be prevented with simple and regular car servicing. Many breakdowns can be blamed on fluids being allowed to reach low levels or simple repairs not being performed in a timely manner. Regular servicing will detect any defects that could become bigger issues, including worn brakes, oil or coolant leaks, or broken shock absorbers and tyres.

Keeping the Resale Value of your Car

If you decide to sell you car, it will attract more potential buyers if you can provide a complete, regular service history. It will allow you to easily sell your car and get a higher price if the car is looked after regularly.


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