Using Containers for Extra Storage Space

When it comes to moving goods over a long distance, a storage container is essential. Not only are these containers used to ship goods all over the world, they are used to move and store goods domestically as well. Containers offer a great solution in terms of security and are becoming more affordable for the home user now.

Secure Storage

Containers are very secure – they are also durable and weather proof. The fact is that many people now turn to storage containers to add extra storage space to their homes.

They are easy to lock and difficult to break into providing you with a high security solution.


As far as storage units go, containers take some beating. Made from steel, they are impervious to wood boring insects and not prone to rotting as wood does. They are low maintenance and do not require varnishing every few years.

There is no need to lay foundations, and you are not going to need any building permits. They are also completely mobile – if you move, they can move with you.

If you are planning on moving, your container can simply be packed and conveniently towed. Turley Car and Truck offer efficient towing to help you move your container from Point A to Point B.

Turley Car and Truck offers specialist container towing and so you don’t need to worry that, when moving, your container and its contents will become a nightmare.

A Spacious Solution

Containers come in a range of sizes allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs. They are easy to pack and can help you to save a lot of space. You can have more than one container if you like and have them installed in a modular system.

The fact that containers come in a variety of shapes makes them very versatile. You can simply go for a basic container or choose one that comes complete with air conditioner and doors to make a great temporary onsite office. Containers are so versatile that people sometimes even use them as temporary homes when their houses are being renovated.

Still, a container’s primary purpose is storage and this is the main reason why they have become so popular of late. What may have put consumers off a little in the past is the cost of containers and the difficulty in transporting them.

Fortunately, costs have come down and you can easily find a company that will transport your container for you. Considering the cost of renting a storage unit, or maintaining a garden shed, containers are a cost-effective option.

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