Honesty is the Best Policy

If you own a car or a truck you have to get it serviced; there is no way around this. When it comes to getting a reliable car service, some motorists can be weary of mechanics. Sadly, they are out there, the ones who may not do what they are paid to do or who say more work needs to be done in order to make more money.

In the short term, these mechanics may see this as a win, but at Turley Car & Truck, we know this won’t produce a happy customer or create repeat business. We want our customers to be happy with the service every time and know they can rely on us to keep their car or truck running at its best.

Here are a few warning signs or things to practice to avoid mechanic rip offs and things that you won’t experience with us.

Safety a priority

Sometimes there are repairs required on a vehicle that may make it unsafe to drive. In these situations, your mechanic should always advise against it as it could risk your life if they don’t.

However, some mechanics may say this in order to pressure a sale. If this happens, you should always enquire why. At Turley Car & Truck we will advise the reasons behind this immediately and we will always have your safety in mind.

Second opinions and going with your gut

If you feel a little unsure about the advice your current mechanic is giving you, get a second opinion. By all means, contact us and let us know the situation, bring your vehicle to us and we will give you an honest appraisal and quote for repairs.

Because we are an authorised repairer for a number of insurance companies, you know we are trusted and experienced. Sometimes you walk into a room and things don’t feel ‘right’. The same can be said of a workshop.

There is nothing wrong with expecting to see an organised workshop and to be greeted in a friendly and open manner. At Turley Car & Truck we do our best to make all customers feel welcome and we keep our workshop safe and tidy for carrying out our work.

Be aware

The more aware you are as the driver, the better we can help you. By knowing when your services are due and getting them done, goes a long way to keeping your vehicle in shipshape condition.

If you hear any noises that shouldn’t be there, try to pinpoint its origin as well as you can so you can tell us. That way we can source the problem a lot faster. We only want to do our best for our customers and we can do that by working together.

For top servicing and honest work, contact Turley Car & Truck today.


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