Care for Your Car Between Services

At Turley Car & Truck we can service your vehicle with expert knowledge and care. Ensuring your car or truck runs at its best is just as important to us as it is to you. This is because keeping the running of your vehicle in tip top condition means that we have done our job well and you know we are a team of mechanics you can rely on to provide an honest car service. However, there are times when your vehicle will need larger repairs or more; we will do our best at all times to reach the best outcome for you at each service and repair. In the meantime, here are some maintenance and care tips you can do yourself to keep your truck or car looking great and running well in combination with regular services from us.

Be kind to your car’s engine

When you first start your vehicle, remember the engine will be cold. Resist the urge to pump the accelerator to speed the warming up process, as this will wear out your engine faster. When you start driving after you first start up, accelerate slowly. Whenever you are driving your vehicle and you are sitting at red lights, take the car out of gear and put it in neutral. This will allow the engine to ‘rest’ and reduce wear. Check oil and fluid levels regularly, particularly before long car trips. Have the filter and oil changed on the mechanic’s advice. Doing this rids metal particles and abrasive dirt from the engine and therefore prolongs its life.

Cleanliness prevents damage

Cleaning your car is not just about keeping it looking good. Cleaning your car helps prevent corrosion and waxing prevents paintwork from pollution and bird droppings. The interior of your car needs care too. Juices and soft drink that can be spilt are corrosive to interiors and dirt or grime that is allowed to build up can become unhygienic. Remember when you are spending time in your vehicle breathing in air or air conditioning it’s better to have a clean environment.

Cleaning your engine will prevent damage too.

A clean engine will have less chance of overheating and also makes it easier to spotany damage that may be present.


Your tyres are like the feet of your vehicle so they need to be cared for. Check that the pressure is at the right psi level and check the tyres for uneven wear and tear. Not having the right amount of air in them will result in using more fuel when driving.

Car battery

The heart of your car is the battery; keep terminals clean by wiping with a damp cloth and check for cracking in the battery case. Following some simple guidelines will help to reduce the running costs of your vehicle. Give us a call to arrange your service today.  

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