Clean Oil Vitally Important

We know we need to regularly check the oil level in our vehicles and we know that oil is important to the running of our engines; but did you know that clean oil is also very important?

Just as we need clean drinking water for our blood to be free of impurities for our own bodies to run well, our cars and trucks also need clean oil to operate at their peak too. The best way to ensure this is to have regular services carried out by Turley Car & Truck.

If you want a better understanding of why this is so important, keep reading.

What the oil does for your car

A vital lubricant for the engine, oil prevents metal surfaces in the engine from heating up and welding together until the engine seizes.

If your engine does seize then you will need to call on a fast towing service. The great news is that on top of being able to fix your broken-down truck or car, Turley Car & Truck offers a reliable towing service too.

Ideally though, you will have the oil in your engine to keep things moving. For example, the pistons need to move up and down in the cylinders of your vehicle; the presence of oil means there is easy movement without friction and heat.

What if you don’t change the oil?

There are two things that will happen if you don’t change the oil in your car. The first will be that dirt will build up in the oil. In the beginning the filter will be able to get rid of this but after some time it will become clogged.

Once this happens the oil will be able to pass into a relief valve. The second thing that will occur is that because this dirty, thick oil is more abrasive and is able to pass through the parts of the engine it will cause more wear and tear. It will be less effective in lubricating the engine and further damage will be caused.

Of course you have a good many kilometres you can go before this causes a catastrophe but prevention is always the best method. Our best advice is to have your vehicle regularly serviced by the professional and experienced team at Turley Car & Truck.

Give them a call and book your service today, they offer services on cars, trucks and fleets as well as truck washing.


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