Power Steering More Than Just Convenience

There is no doubt about the fact that power steering makes driving more comfortable and easier, but when your car has power steering you need to pay more attention to it than just enjoying the benefits. Often, people make the habit of checking their oil and water but tend to forget about other fluids such as the power steering fluid.

What is important about power steering fluid?

Without power steering fluid your power steering will not function. It is a hydraulic fluid that allows the power to be transmitted. It should be checked by the driver but also serviced by a reputable mechanic such as Turley Car & Truck.

The servicing of your power steering is very important and having this flushed and changed will prolong the life of the whole power steering system. Without this being changed the more expensive parts of the power steering such as the rack and pump can become damaged and need replacing.

What happens if I don’t get my power steering serviced properly?

O-rings, seals and components of your power steering naturally break down over time. When this happens they get into the fluid and this makes it harder for the power steering pump to work. This will, in turn, require the pump to be replaced. Without your power steering the vehicle will be very difficult to drive; also, the system is not cheap to replace.

Signs of trouble?

If when turning your steering wheel you hear noises like the car moaning or whining, then you should check your fluid levels and get your power steering checked ASAP. These sounds could be the first signs that your power steering is on the way out.

See the best mechanic in town

Honest mechanics like the team you will find at Turley Car & Truck will service your car professionally and with great care by being sure to flush and replace fluids including your power steering fluid. It’s important that you don’t let things like car servicing and power steering fluid replacement be left unattended to as this will result in bigger repairs and heftier bills down the track.

At Turley Car & Truck no job is half done and only the best advice and service is given to each and every customer. Contact them today and discuss booking for a service so you know your power steering is functioning at its best.


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