Keeping Safe Whilst Waiting For a Tow

Finding yourself in a situation where you need a tow is never ideal. Thanks to the friendly towing that the professional team at Turley Car & Truck offer the experience will pass with few hassles. Once you have contacted the guys at Turley’s for a tow it’s important that you keep safe while waiting.

Although the process of calling and waiting for a tow truck seems simple enough, motorists are advised to take a few precautions just to be on the safe side. Dangers can come in the form of other vehicles and even other people, so to avoid any risks ensure you pay attention to the following items.

Move your vehicle

If practical, you need to move your car off the road as much as possible. Aside from this helping to prevent passing cars hitting your stationary car it also makes it easier for the driver to get the tow truck in the right position to hook up your car.

If you are on your own and it is safe, then accept assistance from any kind motorists who offer or if someone you know is not far away, give them a call and ask for help.

Safety lights

Always put your safety hazards on, as soon as you break down. These should be turned on before you call the tow truck. If you are in a truck or have reflective lights in your vehicle and it is night time then it is advised to also place these around your vehicle.

This will greatly improve visibility of you to other drivers. It is also safer to remain inside the vehicle if you are stuck on the roadside, in order to protect you from cars and rain if it occurs.

Be organised

Before the tow truck arrives get together the items you will need to take with you from your car. Obviously, the first things in mind will be your wallet/bag, phone and any luggage you may need. Other handy items will be car insurance information from your glove box and any other items you will need urgently.

Be wise

It’s sad to say but not everyone out there is a good person looking to do the right thing. Thefts and attacks are very real occurrences so use caution. Stay inside the car, lock all the doors and if approached by a stranger don’t accept a ride or an invitation to wait with them in their vehicle.

Once your tow truck from Turley Car & Truck arrives you will be on safer ground in no time.


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