Driving Safely on Wet Roads

Spring is a beautiful time of year; we are given reprieve from the brisk cold of winter and a glimpse of the hot weather on the way. We also tend to get a bit more rainfall. Of course it is important that we drive safely and that our cars are in a safe condition to drive all the time, but when it comes to driving on the wet roads and in the rain, more care needs to be taken.

Unfortunately, the wet weather seems to bring out the madness on some on the roads or people don’t know enough about how to drive in the wet. Bad habits are developed out of being overly cautious and some drivers are not cautious enough.

Turley Car and Truck would like to stress the importance of getting your car regularly serviced and safety checked by their highly qualified technicians. Known as the most reputable mechanics around, Turley Car and Truck will ensure your car is shipshape and safe to drive in any condition.

In the meantime, here are some great tips for safer driving in the wet.

Don’t stick to the edge

In heavy rain it can be tempting to drive more to the side of the road as it may feel safer to pull away from the middle and the cars travelling in the other direction. However, there are rain pools at the edges of the road, so if your tires hit these puddles at any speed there is a greater risk of pulling off course and causing danger.

Make sure you are visible

Headlights in the rain is not about what you can see, it is so that others can see you. Having your lights on in a heavy downpour means other motorists can see you better in the gloomy downpour. Please don’t use high beams though as this can affect the vision of other drivers.

Exercise common sense

If the downpour is so heavy that even with windscreen wipers on you are unable to see out, pull over. There is no appointment so important that you have to drive in unsafe conditions and risk the lives of others or yourself.

Slow down, travelling a little under the speed limit to err on the side of caution is not unwise but not so slow that this also poses safety risks. If your car does hydroplane a little on the road don’t apply the brake, just ease off the acceleration and keep your steering straight. Don’t use cruise control in the rain or on wet roads if your car has this, as this can cause hydroplaning.

Be aware and get your car serviced regularly with the experts at Turley Car and Truck. Safe travels!

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