Why is Your Car Vibrating?

If your car is vibrating while you are driving it is probably not only annoying but also a reason for concern. For those who don’t have a clue what it could mean there may be the opportunity for all kinds of worst case scenario ideas to pop into their heads.

One of the worst parts is that sometimes it is not apparent it is happening until it becomes worse and then this could mean that the bill will be heftier. Cars will vibrate for a number of reasons, some of these may be that small repairs or servicing is required and others are bigger more costly jobs.

The important thing to do is to find out the reason as soon as possible. Getting your vehicle serviced by professionals such as Turley Car and Truck will mean that the issue will be sorted in no time. While self diagnosis is not recommended at all and you should see a qualified mechanic, here are some reasons why you could be experiencing vibrations.

The engine

If the vibration is coming from the engine this could be an air, fuel or spark issue. If the car is jerking or shuddering when you accelerate, shaking at a certain speed or starts to shake after first being started and running OK, these are symptoms of engine related causes.

The spark plugs will need to be checked as well as the wires. The air and fuel filters should be checked too in case they are not clogged or dirty. These will need to be replaced if they are not allowing fuel or air to the engine.

The axle

If your car has been in an accident or similar, the axle can become bent. This will cause a vibration that tends to become worse the faster the speed you drive. A related issue to this is the driveshaft. This should be checked for damage too, as it can result in shaking.


We never want our brakes to fail. If the vibrating in your car gets worse when you use the brakes then these need to be checked. The rotors could be warped due to wear and tear. This in turn means the brake pads and callipers are unable to grip them, resulting in vibration.

Wheels and tyres

Tyres and wheels can be the main culprits that cause vibration whilst driving. There are a number of reasons such as wheel bearings need replacing or worn tie rod ends and ball joints. Tyres can cause vibration if the tread has become separated, or if the tyres have become worn, are out of balance or are rolling unevenly.

It’s important to get your vehicle checked when vibration occurs to avoid further damage and for your safety. Get down to Turley Car and Truck for a service, for information click here http://turleys.com.au/car-mechanical/.


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