Keeping An Ear Out For Transmission Issues

If you want to keep a step ahead of any issues that may occur in your car it’s a good idea to keep an eye and an ear out for any signs that something may be going wrong. This could potentially save you money by fending off a bigger problem if something is left unrepaired.

The transmission in your vehicle is vitally important and takes a beating with all the driving around, et cetera, you would do. At Turley Car & Truck we can offer you reliable servicing and competitive prices on any repairs required. If you are interested in knowing some of the signs that there is an issue with your transmission, keep reading.

Gear changes

In manual vehicles you should get things checked out if the car won’t change gears smoothly, or at all. Some resistance when you depress the clutch and go to change gears could be a sign of an adjustment being required, low level of transmission fluid or the fluid not being the correct thickness.

Trust your nose

If you smell a slightly sweet burning smell this could be your transmission fluid. If you smell a burning smell you should get this checked out ASAP.

Excess noise in neutral

We all know that we should consider that there is an issue if the car is making unusual noises during travel, but what about when it’s in neutral? If you are getting noise from the transmission in neutral this could be a sign of parts needing replacement or possibly a fluid replacement.

Not staying in gear

If your car is not staying in gear and slipping out of gear this is a sure sign something is wrong with the transmission.


Your car can potentially leak all kinds of fluid onto your driveway, but if you see one that is red and sweet smelling, this is your transmission fluid. Leaving a leak can soon turn into something worse so get it checked.

Warning lights

While the engine warning light on your dash could indicate anything, it could also be a sign of issues with the transmission. If ever a light comes on as a warning in your car it’s best not to ignore it.

Grinding or shaking

Manual and automatic cars will respond differently when there is an issue with the transmission. Manual cars will make a grinding sound when the clutch is engaged and gears are being changed, whereas automatics will tend to ‘shimmy’ or shudder during gear changes.

Whatever signs you get, it’s important you contact us at Turley Car & Truck for a check up. The sooner you do it, the better.


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