A Lesson in Road Accident Protocol

Regardless of how careful, experienced or skilled we are as drivers, we all risk an accident every time we take our vehicle out onto the road. We may be at fault ourselves, or we could be the innocent victim of another person’s poor driving skills or unfortunate decision-making. Either way we are suddenly in a situation that needs careful handling.

Would You Remember What to do After an Accident?

There are many minor accidents that occur every day, and thanks to the ongoing quest for safety by vehicle manufacturers, people are much more likely to walk away without serious injury than perhaps twenty years ago. However, a road accident, even a minor one, can be quite traumatic and in the immediate aftermath, drivers often forget the simplest protocols they learnt as part of their licensing training.

Steps such as contacting police, exchanging registration, insurance and contact details with the other driver or drivers involved, and taking photos of the damage and location are all things everyone has been told to do. Perhaps a different approach may make it easier to remember the other things that are just as important. Let’s take a look at some things we should NOT do after an accident.

What NOT to do After an Accident

The first one is obvious. Never leave the scene of an accident, and following on from that, don’t get into an argument with the other driver or their passengers. After many years of attending road accidents with our tow trucks, we have seen too many situations where a minor incident has escalated into something ugly and frightening through the worst of some human behaviours. Our tow truck drivers at Turley Car and Truck Pty Ltd are professionals at their job, but they should not be put in a situation where they feel threatened.

Don’t leave your vehicle in the middle of the road if it can be safely moved, especially if it is blocking traffic. In most minor accidents, the vehicle can be pushed off to the side of the road, allowing other vehicles not involved in the incident to continue on their way.

Leave Blame Fixing up to the Authorities

Even if you believe that your mistake caused the accident, you should never admit liability. This is an issue for the insurers. It doesn’t mean telling lies to the police, but simply explaining how the accident happened without making any judgments during the conversation. If any laws have been broken the police will issue tickets and the various insurance companies will sort out the rest.

Finally, don’t transport your vehicle to a repairer without consulting your insurance company. They will have a preferred repairer in your area where their assessor will look at the vehicle and authorise repairs. At Turley Car and Truck Pty Ltd we are authorised towing contractors for a major insurance company, and we are fully licensed and insured to do this type of work. There are some things that should be left to experts.


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