Extend the Life of Your Car

Buying a car is not a small investment but an ongoing one. There is always maintenance to be done, repairs to be made and new tyres to be purchased. If you own a car then spending money on it is unavoidable. There are some easy tips you can follow though that will help extend the life of your car and possibly even help you reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Avoid short trips

If you only have to go a short distance then if possible, walk or find an alternative means such as public transport or ride a bike. When cars are driven on short trips the oil in the engine does not get hot enough to get rid of the moisture inside. If this happens repeatedly then the oil in the engine will get thicker and thicker.

Short trips also occur if you have a number of errands to run at a few different places while you are out. If you are unable to avoid driving short trips on a regular basis then consider getting your oil changed by our expert mechanics at Turley Car & Truck more often. If you can avoid the short trips then not only are you doing your car and environment a favour, you are probably doing yourself one if it requires exercise.

Let the engine get warm and ready

Starting up your car and driving straight away can put a little pressure on the engine. While you don’t have to run your car as long in the warm months as you may do in the cold season, letting it run a little first is a good idea.

A good way to time it is to start the car then put on your seatbelt and choose a CD or radio station. This is plenty of time and you don’t want to go overboard and run your car too long for a warm up.

Once you have set off on your trip, avoid revving the engine too high and take it easy for the first couple of kilometres. By doing this while the fluids of your car warm up you are preventing possible damage to the transmission and engine but also creating a more efficient and emission friendly drive.

Drive safely

The importance of driving safely can never be covered enough. Driving appropriately for the weather conditions or time of day, such as peak hours, not only prevents risk of accident and damage to your car; it can also save your life or someone else’s.

For the best services to keep your car running at peak condition, contact Turley Car & Truck today.

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