Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Going on a road trip is lots of fun and highly recommended for those who want to go beyond their city and explore new things at their own pace. Of course, to take a successful road trip you need your car to be in good condition and ready to take on the kilometres that you plan to travel.

There are always steps you can take yourself to make sure your car is ready for a trip on the road. Checking the oil and water regularly as well as the air in your tyres is a standard process for all car owners to be responsible for.

For long road trips though, it’s important to get your car serviced by a reputable mechanic such as someone from our team at Turley Car & Truck. The reason for needing a professional to check your car is plain and simple really; there are things you can’t check or change on your car that we can.

To drive a long distance in a car that has not been fully checked is inviting hazards and issues such as breakdowns that you could surely do without. At Turley Car & Truck we put your safety first and will ensure that everything is running as it should be before your trip.

Items you can’t check yourself

Here are just some of the items we will check on your car that you are unable to professionally check yourself.

– Battery charge is really only something you know is gone once your car won’t start. We can check the health of your car battery and ensure it is getting enough charge from the alternator.

– You can certainly tell by looking if your tyres are very worn; however, as far as punctures, wheel balancing and rotating goes, it’s best done by us.

– Fully functioning brakes are vitally important in a car for safe travel. We will check your brakes, replace if necessary and we can check the brake oil to ensure it is in good, clean condition.

Other handy road trip tips

On the other side of getting your car checked there are other things you can do to make sure your road trip is a well planned and comfortable one.

– Pack an emergency kit. It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit into your car in case of small injuries, but other additions to an emergency kit can be a torch, blanket and extra water. These items will come in handy if you break down on the side of the road in the heat, cold or dark.

– Make sure if there are children in the car that you have packed enough snacks and distractions for them to avoid too much “are we there yet?”

Always drive safely, follow the road laws and if you are in unfamiliar territory, take it easy. The best road trip is a stress free and safe one.

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