Save Money By Servicing Your Car Regularly

It is easy to put getting the car serviced on the ‘back burner’. Your budget may be tight or you simply don’t have the time to get it done and next thing you know you’re not bothered that the time to do it has come and gone.

You convince yourself that all is well, the car is running ok and you can get away with missing a service here and there. Wrong! Trying to save money or time by not getting your car serviced can actually result in you having to spend more money later down the track, as well as you having a bigger headache to deal with.

It is extremely important to get your car serviced regularly to ensure the longevity of its life and we at Turley Car & Truck guarantee that you will be thoroughly impressed with our honest reliable services so much so that you will keep bringing your car back.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues of not getting regular car services.

Oil issues

Oil sludge that is allowed to build up in your engine will stick to it and prevent oil from flowing through smoothly as it should. This will pollute the engine of your car as it becomes overworked.

Reduced safety

Suspension, steering and brakes are vital for safe driving and performance of a vehicle. If these fail whilst you are driving along then this can cause accidents and risk the safety of yourself, passengers and other motorists.

Without regular servicing you will not know if any of these items are close to failing, or, whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

Undue wear, tear and damage

By not having your car serviced regularly there will be increased wear and tear on your car that may not occur with servicing. A prime example is the issue with the oil. If this is not seen to, you can end up with expensive engine replacement or repairs.

Driving a car that is not running efficiently will create more problems and make current problems worse, which will all result in needing to spend more money.

Fuel and running costs

If your car is not functioning well then it will cost more to run. It will be less fuel efficient, which is something you really don’t need with current fuel prices.

In a nutshell, cars that are not running well cost more to run. Don’t delay any longer and contact us at Turley Car & Truck before it’s too late.


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