What If You Don’t Change the Oil?

Often, car owners leave vital items for their cars unchanged and unchecked. As we drive about from A to B to C then back to A, we become complacent and take it for granted that our cars are running well.

But just like our own bodies, if we don’t take care of our cars then all can seem well on the surface while underneath bigger issues are coming.

Oil in the engine is just as vital to your car as blood or water is to our bodies. And just as we need clean blood and plenty of water, the oil in your car needs to be topped up regularly and it needs to be clean.

So what would happen if you didn’t get the oil changed by a reputable mechanic like those we have at Turley Car & Truck? Keep reading to find out.

Why you need oil in your engine

The oil acts as a lubricant in your engine. With oil, metal easily rubs against metal without friction. Without oil the friction creates extreme heat that in time will weld the surfaces of the metal together, causing your engine to seize.

What if you don’t change the oil?

If you have plenty of oil in your engine it means nothing if it is dirty. If you don’t change your oil here’s what you can expect:

The oil will no longer lubricate the engine as it should because the additives in the oil will wear out. The additives that help the oil lubricate the engine are dispersants, rust-fighters, detergents and friction reducers.

The filter will remove the dirt that accumulates in the oil in the beginning but eventually it will become clogged. As a result more dirt will build up and will also bypass the clogged filter, pumping dirty oil through the engine. You will then have abrasive and thick oil causing more wear and tear on the engine.

As a result the oil will no longer act as a lubricant for the engine, which will in turn wear down and eventually fail. Naturally, this won’t happen if you miss one service, but it is important to get regular services carried out on your car so you know that the oil and everything else your car needs to run is in clean, ship shape condition.

Contact us at Turley Car & Truck today to book your car in for a service so you can travel safely and reliably, wherever you need to go.

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