Four Great Tips For Car Owners

When you have a car and drive it regularly it can be easy to take for granted that it is running well or that you are safe. The truth is that cars only run well when they are well taken care of, and the safety relies heavily on you, although sometimes, random accidents can happen.

At Turley Car & Truck we value our customers and their safety on the road. We don’t cut corners in our services and repairs, and we only offer the most experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure all is well with your car.

Alongside getting your car regularly serviced in our shop we’d like to offer the following tips for owning a car and being prepared.

When warning lights come on

Your car is fitted with warning lights on your dashboard for a reason. Just as you would not ignore your fuel light if it comes on, you also shouldn’t ignore dashboard warning lights.

If you check in the user manual for your car there will be an explanation for each warning signal but generally you should organise getting your car looked at. One thing you can check for your engine light is if you have just put fuel in your car that the petrol cap is on tight.

Do your own checks

Don’t always rely on warning lights. In between services check your oil, water and tyre pressure. It also doesn’t hurt to pay attention to items like your wiper blades.

If you are involved in an accident

Car accidents happen out of the blue; if you are involved in one, the important thing is to try and remain calm, although when adrenaline kicks in this can be hard. Firstly, if you are not injured badly you need to move your car off the road if possible. This is so you are off the road and safe.

You also need to contact the police if necessary, exchange details with the other driver and take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and to theirs. While tempers may be high it’s best not to get into an argument with the other driver.

Keep supplies in the car

You never know when you will need emergency supplies in your car. This could be for any number of reasons like being stuck on the side of the road in the heat or going on a day trip and cutting your hand open on a sharp object.

Anything can happen so keep the following in your car every time you travel:

Car phone charger

Jack and spare tyre in good condition

Jumper cables



Pen and paper in the glove box

Baby wipes


First aid kit.

Give us a call at Turley Car & Truck today to keep your car regularly serviced and maintained; the rest is up to you.

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