Four Great Tips For Car Owners

When you have a car and drive it regularly it can be easy to take for granted that it is running well or that you are safe. The truth is that cars only run well when they are well taken care of, and the safety relies heavily on you, although sometimes, random accidents can happen.

At Turley Car & Truck we value our customers and their safety on the road. We don’t cut corners in our services and repairs, and we only offer the most experienced and knowledgeable team to ensure all is well with your car.

Alongside getting your car regularly serviced in our shop we’d like to offer the following tips for owning a car and being prepared.

When warning lights come on

Your car is fitted with warning lights on your dashboard for a reason. Just as you would not ignore your fuel light if it comes on, you also shouldn’t ignore dashboard warning lights.

If you check in the user manual for your car there will be an explanation for each warning signal but generally you should organise getting your car looked at. One thing you can check for your engine light is if you have just put fuel in your car that the petrol cap is on tight.

Do your own checks

Don’t always rely on warning lights. In between services check your oil, water and tyre pressure. It also doesn’t hurt to pay attention to items like your wiper blades.

If you are involved in an accident

Car accidents happen out of the blue; if you are involved in one, the important thing is to try and remain calm, although when adrenaline kicks in this can be hard. Firstly, if you are not injured badly you need to move your car off the road if possible. This is so you are off the road and safe.

You also need to contact the police if necessary, exchange details with the other driver and take pictures of the damage to your vehicle and to theirs. While tempers may be high it’s best not to get into an argument with the other driver.

Keep supplies in the car

You never know when you will need emergency supplies in your car. This could be for any number of reasons like being stuck on the side of the road in the heat or going on a day trip and cutting your hand open on a sharp object.

Anything can happen so keep the following in your car every time you travel:

Car phone charger

Jack and spare tyre in good condition

Jumper cables



Pen and paper in the glove box

Baby wipes


First aid kit.

Give us a call at Turley Car & Truck today to keep your car regularly serviced and maintained; the rest is up to you.

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What If You Don’t Change the Oil?

Often, car owners leave vital items for their cars unchanged and unchecked. As we drive about from A to B to C then back to A, we become complacent and take it for granted that our cars are running well.

But just like our own bodies, if we don’t take care of our cars then all can seem well on the surface while underneath bigger issues are coming.

Oil in the engine is just as vital to your car as blood or water is to our bodies. And just as we need clean blood and plenty of water, the oil in your car needs to be topped up regularly and it needs to be clean.

So what would happen if you didn’t get the oil changed by a reputable mechanic like those we have at Turley Car & Truck? Keep reading to find out.

Why you need oil in your engine

The oil acts as a lubricant in your engine. With oil, metal easily rubs against metal without friction. Without oil the friction creates extreme heat that in time will weld the surfaces of the metal together, causing your engine to seize.

What if you don’t change the oil?

If you have plenty of oil in your engine it means nothing if it is dirty. If you don’t change your oil here’s what you can expect:

The oil will no longer lubricate the engine as it should because the additives in the oil will wear out. The additives that help the oil lubricate the engine are dispersants, rust-fighters, detergents and friction reducers.

The filter will remove the dirt that accumulates in the oil in the beginning but eventually it will become clogged. As a result more dirt will build up and will also bypass the clogged filter, pumping dirty oil through the engine. You will then have abrasive and thick oil causing more wear and tear on the engine.

As a result the oil will no longer act as a lubricant for the engine, which will in turn wear down and eventually fail. Naturally, this won’t happen if you miss one service, but it is important to get regular services carried out on your car so you know that the oil and everything else your car needs to run is in clean, ship shape condition.

Contact us at Turley Car & Truck today to book your car in for a service so you can travel safely and reliably, wherever you need to go.

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Authorised Fleet Repairer for Fleetcare and SG Fleet

Turley Car & Truck Pty Ltd are authorised fleet repairers for Fleetcare and SG Fleet.

We are based in Ipswich, we have been in operation since 1987 and we are here to stay.

The reason for our success is threefold.

We offer competitive rates as we understand the need for a business to run a tight ship and not waste money on unnecessary items;

We have grown our operation to include a large workshop that includes 5 hoists, a wash bay with hoist that will accommodate cars, trucks, buses and motor homes; and

We offer breakdown services with 4 tow trucks that have the ability to transport everything from a compact car, to trailers, to heavy machinery and even containers.

Fleet Vehicles are a Workplace Extension

As fleet vehicles are basically an extension of your workplace it is important to ensure that they are in good working order every time they are used.

If you are in the business of heavy vehicle haulage, for example ,you would be well aware of the penalties that can be enforced if just one of your vehicles is found to be in an unsafe or non roadworthy condition.

The knock on effect of an inspector finding fault with just one vehicle could mean an audit of your entire fleet. If this audit discovers any further anomalies it could then mean the grounding of that fleet.

Good vehicle maintenance is not only a key to survival of the person operating it but also of the business itself.

The reason this has become so important is that work-related crashes have been reported to make up 50% of all occupational fatalities and 15% of national road deaths. Poor vehicle maintenance is no laughing matter.

Available 24 Hours a Day

Our breakdown service is available 24 hours a day. Our skilled and qualified technicians are also available and use the latest electronic diagnostic equipment available.

We can offer scheduled maintenance services, and repairs and replacements for anything that is not covered under warranty, including batteries and roadworthy certificates.

With qualifications to repair all makes and models of both petrol and diesel vehicles, auto electrical issues and air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance and servicing you can see why we are the shining light in the western suburbs.

Consider our one stop shop for all your fleet maintenance and repairs.


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Save Money By Servicing Your Car Regularly

It is easy to put getting the car serviced on the ‘back burner’. Your budget may be tight or you simply don’t have the time to get it done and next thing you know you’re not bothered that the time to do it has come and gone.

You convince yourself that all is well, the car is running ok and you can get away with missing a service here and there. Wrong! Trying to save money or time by not getting your car serviced can actually result in you having to spend more money later down the track, as well as you having a bigger headache to deal with.

It is extremely important to get your car serviced regularly to ensure the longevity of its life and we at Turley Car & Truck guarantee that you will be thoroughly impressed with our honest reliable services so much so that you will keep bringing your car back.

Let’s take a look at some of the potential issues of not getting regular car services.

Oil issues

Oil sludge that is allowed to build up in your engine will stick to it and prevent oil from flowing through smoothly as it should. This will pollute the engine of your car as it becomes overworked.

Reduced safety

Suspension, steering and brakes are vital for safe driving and performance of a vehicle. If these fail whilst you are driving along then this can cause accidents and risk the safety of yourself, passengers and other motorists.

Without regular servicing you will not know if any of these items are close to failing, or, whether they need to be repaired or replaced.

Undue wear, tear and damage

By not having your car serviced regularly there will be increased wear and tear on your car that may not occur with servicing. A prime example is the issue with the oil. If this is not seen to, you can end up with expensive engine replacement or repairs.

Driving a car that is not running efficiently will create more problems and make current problems worse, which will all result in needing to spend more money.

Fuel and running costs

If your car is not functioning well then it will cost more to run. It will be less fuel efficient, which is something you really don’t need with current fuel prices.

In a nutshell, cars that are not running well cost more to run. Don’t delay any longer and contact us at Turley Car & Truck before it’s too late.


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Getting Ready to Hit the Road

Going on a road trip is lots of fun and highly recommended for those who want to go beyond their city and explore new things at their own pace. Of course, to take a successful road trip you need your car to be in good condition and ready to take on the kilometres that you plan to travel.

There are always steps you can take yourself to make sure your car is ready for a trip on the road. Checking the oil and water regularly as well as the air in your tyres is a standard process for all car owners to be responsible for.

For long road trips though, it’s important to get your car serviced by a reputable mechanic such as someone from our team at Turley Car & Truck. The reason for needing a professional to check your car is plain and simple really; there are things you can’t check or change on your car that we can.

To drive a long distance in a car that has not been fully checked is inviting hazards and issues such as breakdowns that you could surely do without. At Turley Car & Truck we put your safety first and will ensure that everything is running as it should be before your trip.

Items you can’t check yourself

Here are just some of the items we will check on your car that you are unable to professionally check yourself.

– Battery charge is really only something you know is gone once your car won’t start. We can check the health of your car battery and ensure it is getting enough charge from the alternator.

– You can certainly tell by looking if your tyres are very worn; however, as far as punctures, wheel balancing and rotating goes, it’s best done by us.

– Fully functioning brakes are vitally important in a car for safe travel. We will check your brakes, replace if necessary and we can check the brake oil to ensure it is in good, clean condition.

Other handy road trip tips

On the other side of getting your car checked there are other things you can do to make sure your road trip is a well planned and comfortable one.

– Pack an emergency kit. It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit into your car in case of small injuries, but other additions to an emergency kit can be a torch, blanket and extra water. These items will come in handy if you break down on the side of the road in the heat, cold or dark.

– Make sure if there are children in the car that you have packed enough snacks and distractions for them to avoid too much “are we there yet?”

Always drive safely, follow the road laws and if you are in unfamiliar territory, take it easy. The best road trip is a stress free and safe one.

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Extend the Life of Your Car

Buying a car is not a small investment but an ongoing one. There is always maintenance to be done, repairs to be made and new tyres to be purchased. If you own a car then spending money on it is unavoidable. There are some easy tips you can follow though that will help extend the life of your car and possibly even help you reduce the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Avoid short trips

If you only have to go a short distance then if possible, walk or find an alternative means such as public transport or ride a bike. When cars are driven on short trips the oil in the engine does not get hot enough to get rid of the moisture inside. If this happens repeatedly then the oil in the engine will get thicker and thicker.

Short trips also occur if you have a number of errands to run at a few different places while you are out. If you are unable to avoid driving short trips on a regular basis then consider getting your oil changed by our expert mechanics at Turley Car & Truck more often. If you can avoid the short trips then not only are you doing your car and environment a favour, you are probably doing yourself one if it requires exercise.

Let the engine get warm and ready

Starting up your car and driving straight away can put a little pressure on the engine. While you don’t have to run your car as long in the warm months as you may do in the cold season, letting it run a little first is a good idea.

A good way to time it is to start the car then put on your seatbelt and choose a CD or radio station. This is plenty of time and you don’t want to go overboard and run your car too long for a warm up.

Once you have set off on your trip, avoid revving the engine too high and take it easy for the first couple of kilometres. By doing this while the fluids of your car warm up you are preventing possible damage to the transmission and engine but also creating a more efficient and emission friendly drive.

Drive safely

The importance of driving safely can never be covered enough. Driving appropriately for the weather conditions or time of day, such as peak hours, not only prevents risk of accident and damage to your car; it can also save your life or someone else’s.

For the best services to keep your car running at peak condition, contact Turley Car & Truck today.

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A Lesson in Road Accident Protocol

Regardless of how careful, experienced or skilled we are as drivers, we all risk an accident every time we take our vehicle out onto the road. We may be at fault ourselves, or we could be the innocent victim of another person’s poor driving skills or unfortunate decision-making. Either way we are suddenly in a situation that needs careful handling.

Would You Remember What to do After an Accident?

There are many minor accidents that occur every day, and thanks to the ongoing quest for safety by vehicle manufacturers, people are much more likely to walk away without serious injury than perhaps twenty years ago. However, a road accident, even a minor one, can be quite traumatic and in the immediate aftermath, drivers often forget the simplest protocols they learnt as part of their licensing training.

Steps such as contacting police, exchanging registration, insurance and contact details with the other driver or drivers involved, and taking photos of the damage and location are all things everyone has been told to do. Perhaps a different approach may make it easier to remember the other things that are just as important. Let’s take a look at some things we should NOT do after an accident.

What NOT to do After an Accident

The first one is obvious. Never leave the scene of an accident, and following on from that, don’t get into an argument with the other driver or their passengers. After many years of attending road accidents with our tow trucks, we have seen too many situations where a minor incident has escalated into something ugly and frightening through the worst of some human behaviours. Our tow truck drivers at Turley Car and Truck Pty Ltd are professionals at their job, but they should not be put in a situation where they feel threatened.

Don’t leave your vehicle in the middle of the road if it can be safely moved, especially if it is blocking traffic. In most minor accidents, the vehicle can be pushed off to the side of the road, allowing other vehicles not involved in the incident to continue on their way.

Leave Blame Fixing up to the Authorities

Even if you believe that your mistake caused the accident, you should never admit liability. This is an issue for the insurers. It doesn’t mean telling lies to the police, but simply explaining how the accident happened without making any judgments during the conversation. If any laws have been broken the police will issue tickets and the various insurance companies will sort out the rest.

Finally, don’t transport your vehicle to a repairer without consulting your insurance company. They will have a preferred repairer in your area where their assessor will look at the vehicle and authorise repairs. At Turley Car and Truck Pty Ltd we are authorised towing contractors for a major insurance company, and we are fully licensed and insured to do this type of work. There are some things that should be left to experts.


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Keeping An Ear Out For Transmission Issues

If you want to keep a step ahead of any issues that may occur in your car it’s a good idea to keep an eye and an ear out for any signs that something may be going wrong. This could potentially save you money by fending off a bigger problem if something is left unrepaired.

The transmission in your vehicle is vitally important and takes a beating with all the driving around, et cetera, you would do. At Turley Car & Truck we can offer you reliable servicing and competitive prices on any repairs required. If you are interested in knowing some of the signs that there is an issue with your transmission, keep reading.

Gear changes

In manual vehicles you should get things checked out if the car won’t change gears smoothly, or at all. Some resistance when you depress the clutch and go to change gears could be a sign of an adjustment being required, low level of transmission fluid or the fluid not being the correct thickness.

Trust your nose

If you smell a slightly sweet burning smell this could be your transmission fluid. If you smell a burning smell you should get this checked out ASAP.

Excess noise in neutral

We all know that we should consider that there is an issue if the car is making unusual noises during travel, but what about when it’s in neutral? If you are getting noise from the transmission in neutral this could be a sign of parts needing replacement or possibly a fluid replacement.

Not staying in gear

If your car is not staying in gear and slipping out of gear this is a sure sign something is wrong with the transmission.


Your car can potentially leak all kinds of fluid onto your driveway, but if you see one that is red and sweet smelling, this is your transmission fluid. Leaving a leak can soon turn into something worse so get it checked.

Warning lights

While the engine warning light on your dash could indicate anything, it could also be a sign of issues with the transmission. If ever a light comes on as a warning in your car it’s best not to ignore it.

Grinding or shaking

Manual and automatic cars will respond differently when there is an issue with the transmission. Manual cars will make a grinding sound when the clutch is engaged and gears are being changed, whereas automatics will tend to ‘shimmy’ or shudder during gear changes.

Whatever signs you get, it’s important you contact us at Turley Car & Truck for a check up. The sooner you do it, the better.


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Why is Your Car Vibrating?

If your car is vibrating while you are driving it is probably not only annoying but also a reason for concern. For those who don’t have a clue what it could mean there may be the opportunity for all kinds of worst case scenario ideas to pop into their heads.

One of the worst parts is that sometimes it is not apparent it is happening until it becomes worse and then this could mean that the bill will be heftier. Cars will vibrate for a number of reasons, some of these may be that small repairs or servicing is required and others are bigger more costly jobs.

The important thing to do is to find out the reason as soon as possible. Getting your vehicle serviced by professionals such as Turley Car and Truck will mean that the issue will be sorted in no time. While self diagnosis is not recommended at all and you should see a qualified mechanic, here are some reasons why you could be experiencing vibrations.

The engine

If the vibration is coming from the engine this could be an air, fuel or spark issue. If the car is jerking or shuddering when you accelerate, shaking at a certain speed or starts to shake after first being started and running OK, these are symptoms of engine related causes.

The spark plugs will need to be checked as well as the wires. The air and fuel filters should be checked too in case they are not clogged or dirty. These will need to be replaced if they are not allowing fuel or air to the engine.

The axle

If your car has been in an accident or similar, the axle can become bent. This will cause a vibration that tends to become worse the faster the speed you drive. A related issue to this is the driveshaft. This should be checked for damage too, as it can result in shaking.


We never want our brakes to fail. If the vibrating in your car gets worse when you use the brakes then these need to be checked. The rotors could be warped due to wear and tear. This in turn means the brake pads and callipers are unable to grip them, resulting in vibration.

Wheels and tyres

Tyres and wheels can be the main culprits that cause vibration whilst driving. There are a number of reasons such as wheel bearings need replacing or worn tie rod ends and ball joints. Tyres can cause vibration if the tread has become separated, or if the tyres have become worn, are out of balance or are rolling unevenly.

It’s important to get your vehicle checked when vibration occurs to avoid further damage and for your safety. Get down to Turley Car and Truck for a service, for information click here


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Driving Safely on Wet Roads

Spring is a beautiful time of year; we are given reprieve from the brisk cold of winter and a glimpse of the hot weather on the way. We also tend to get a bit more rainfall. Of course it is important that we drive safely and that our cars are in a safe condition to drive all the time, but when it comes to driving on the wet roads and in the rain, more care needs to be taken.

Unfortunately, the wet weather seems to bring out the madness on some on the roads or people don’t know enough about how to drive in the wet. Bad habits are developed out of being overly cautious and some drivers are not cautious enough.

Turley Car and Truck would like to stress the importance of getting your car regularly serviced and safety checked by their highly qualified technicians. Known as the most reputable mechanics around, Turley Car and Truck will ensure your car is shipshape and safe to drive in any condition.

In the meantime, here are some great tips for safer driving in the wet.

Don’t stick to the edge

In heavy rain it can be tempting to drive more to the side of the road as it may feel safer to pull away from the middle and the cars travelling in the other direction. However, there are rain pools at the edges of the road, so if your tires hit these puddles at any speed there is a greater risk of pulling off course and causing danger.

Make sure you are visible

Headlights in the rain is not about what you can see, it is so that others can see you. Having your lights on in a heavy downpour means other motorists can see you better in the gloomy downpour. Please don’t use high beams though as this can affect the vision of other drivers.

Exercise common sense

If the downpour is so heavy that even with windscreen wipers on you are unable to see out, pull over. There is no appointment so important that you have to drive in unsafe conditions and risk the lives of others or yourself.

Slow down, travelling a little under the speed limit to err on the side of caution is not unwise but not so slow that this also poses safety risks. If your car does hydroplane a little on the road don’t apply the brake, just ease off the acceleration and keep your steering straight. Don’t use cruise control in the rain or on wet roads if your car has this, as this can cause hydroplaning.

Be aware and get your car serviced regularly with the experts at Turley Car and Truck. Safe travels!

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