Foolproof Tips to Finding a Good Mechanic

The absolute number one thing you want to get from your mechanic is good communication.

If you have a mechanic who can articulate exactly what is going on with your vehicle in terms you are able to understand you are on a winner.

This is a sign that the mechanic you are dealing with knows his stuff and more importantly does not mind taking the time to share.

Credentials can be a tricky thing to check. Usually if you take your car to a dealership or large branded company, they will have their credentials hanging on a wall. Credentials that have been presented to them by the dealership or head office.

A serious mechanic who knows his business has credentials that talk. If he has been in the business for many years and is still there, that is a good sign. He can probably boast to having the same crew with him for many years as well.

Being an authorised repairer from insurance companies such as Suncorp, AAMI, Allianz Insurance, and AMP etc. is also a good indicator of trust. Companies such as this do not waste their time with shonky mechanics.

Likewise fleet companies such as Fleetcare and S G Fleet only pick reliable and trustworthy mechanics to service their vehicles.

If you go into the workshop and see empty oil cans or old tyres laying around – it could mean they are too busy to clean up or maybe just don’t take pride in their work or workplace. Go with your gut. A quick conversation will set you on the right course.

Finally, you can’t go past a good recommendation. If a friend or family member recommends a mechanic to you, you know you can trust them.

Some Who Ticks all the Boxes in Ipswich

Peter and his crew at Turley Car and Truck Pty Ltd certainly do tick all these boxes and more.

Not only can you get your vehicle, be it car, 4WD, truck, bus, or motorhome, serviced and repaired they offer a complimentary local pickup and delivery.

They also offer a brilliant 24 hour reliable tow truck service, having four flat tray trucks capable of towing everything from small cars to heavy machinery and containers.

The 5 hoists they have in the workshop are busy all the time and to round the whole thing off they have undercover truck and car washing facilities.

What are you waiting for? Don’t be shy. Visit them now at and make a booking.


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Keeping Safe Whilst Waiting For a Tow

Finding yourself in a situation where you need a tow is never ideal. Thanks to the friendly towing that the professional team at Turley Car & Truck offer the experience will pass with few hassles. Once you have contacted the guys at Turley’s for a tow it’s important that you keep safe while waiting.

Although the process of calling and waiting for a tow truck seems simple enough, motorists are advised to take a few precautions just to be on the safe side. Dangers can come in the form of other vehicles and even other people, so to avoid any risks ensure you pay attention to the following items.

Move your vehicle

If practical, you need to move your car off the road as much as possible. Aside from this helping to prevent passing cars hitting your stationary car it also makes it easier for the driver to get the tow truck in the right position to hook up your car.

If you are on your own and it is safe, then accept assistance from any kind motorists who offer or if someone you know is not far away, give them a call and ask for help.

Safety lights

Always put your safety hazards on, as soon as you break down. These should be turned on before you call the tow truck. If you are in a truck or have reflective lights in your vehicle and it is night time then it is advised to also place these around your vehicle.

This will greatly improve visibility of you to other drivers. It is also safer to remain inside the vehicle if you are stuck on the roadside, in order to protect you from cars and rain if it occurs.

Be organised

Before the tow truck arrives get together the items you will need to take with you from your car. Obviously, the first things in mind will be your wallet/bag, phone and any luggage you may need. Other handy items will be car insurance information from your glove box and any other items you will need urgently.

Be wise

It’s sad to say but not everyone out there is a good person looking to do the right thing. Thefts and attacks are very real occurrences so use caution. Stay inside the car, lock all the doors and if approached by a stranger don’t accept a ride or an invitation to wait with them in their vehicle.

Once your tow truck from Turley Car & Truck arrives you will be on safer ground in no time.


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Power Steering More Than Just Convenience

There is no doubt about the fact that power steering makes driving more comfortable and easier, but when your car has power steering you need to pay more attention to it than just enjoying the benefits. Often, people make the habit of checking their oil and water but tend to forget about other fluids such as the power steering fluid.

What is important about power steering fluid?

Without power steering fluid your power steering will not function. It is a hydraulic fluid that allows the power to be transmitted. It should be checked by the driver but also serviced by a reputable mechanic such as Turley Car & Truck.

The servicing of your power steering is very important and having this flushed and changed will prolong the life of the whole power steering system. Without this being changed the more expensive parts of the power steering such as the rack and pump can become damaged and need replacing.

What happens if I don’t get my power steering serviced properly?

O-rings, seals and components of your power steering naturally break down over time. When this happens they get into the fluid and this makes it harder for the power steering pump to work. This will, in turn, require the pump to be replaced. Without your power steering the vehicle will be very difficult to drive; also, the system is not cheap to replace.

Signs of trouble?

If when turning your steering wheel you hear noises like the car moaning or whining, then you should check your fluid levels and get your power steering checked ASAP. These sounds could be the first signs that your power steering is on the way out.

See the best mechanic in town

Honest mechanics like the team you will find at Turley Car & Truck will service your car professionally and with great care by being sure to flush and replace fluids including your power steering fluid. It’s important that you don’t let things like car servicing and power steering fluid replacement be left unattended to as this will result in bigger repairs and heftier bills down the track.

At Turley Car & Truck no job is half done and only the best advice and service is given to each and every customer. Contact them today and discuss booking for a service so you know your power steering is functioning at its best.


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Top to Tyre Care for Your Car

We all know how important it is to have our car or truck serviced so that it is running at its best. However, aside from checking the air in your tyres do you understand the importance of tyre rotation and balancing too? If your answer is no, that is no problem because the team at Turley Car & Truck do.

Easily the most reliable mechanics around, this honest and efficient team will ensure that your vehicle is running at its best and this includes checking and balancing tyres. Also known as a wheel alignment, this is the process of ensuring the weight of the whole wheel assembly and tyres is equal.

Importance of Wheel Balancing

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to travelling in a vehicle and balanced wheels ensure this. Even a small difference in weight can cause a big difference to centrifugal force when driving at high speeds. Unbalanced tyres can also cause more wear and tear on the rubber of the tyres meaning they will need to be replaced sooner.

The balancing is done by a machine to ensure the check is precise. Your mechanic will know exactly where to place the weights on the wheel and how heavy they need to be. Wheel balancing is unavoidable, very rarely will a car be checked and require no balancing.

When your tyres get older and they become worn, the balance will change. It is a good idea to get tyres balanced and rotated every now and then to increase the longevity of the tyres. If after a balancing you find there are vibrations in the car you should get this checked further.

There may be other issues present such as a bent wheel. In this case the balancing machine cannot fix this.

Always See the Experts

You should always contact a professional mechanic team like Turley Car & Truck for mechanical and tyre care for your vehicle. Only they have the right equipment to ensure safe checking and repairs that may be required.

While some like to consider themselves handy with a wrench, nothing is ever as safe as getting it checked by an experienced mechanic. If you have not booked your car in for a service for some time, then you should do this and get the wheel alignment checked.

Your car will be safer to drive and your tyres will last longer, there’s no better motivation than that.


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Clean Oil Vitally Important

We know we need to regularly check the oil level in our vehicles and we know that oil is important to the running of our engines; but did you know that clean oil is also very important?

Just as we need clean drinking water for our blood to be free of impurities for our own bodies to run well, our cars and trucks also need clean oil to operate at their peak too. The best way to ensure this is to have regular services carried out by Turley Car & Truck.

If you want a better understanding of why this is so important, keep reading.

What the oil does for your car

A vital lubricant for the engine, oil prevents metal surfaces in the engine from heating up and welding together until the engine seizes.

If your engine does seize then you will need to call on a fast towing service. The great news is that on top of being able to fix your broken-down truck or car, Turley Car & Truck offers a reliable towing service too.

Ideally though, you will have the oil in your engine to keep things moving. For example, the pistons need to move up and down in the cylinders of your vehicle; the presence of oil means there is easy movement without friction and heat.

What if you don’t change the oil?

There are two things that will happen if you don’t change the oil in your car. The first will be that dirt will build up in the oil. In the beginning the filter will be able to get rid of this but after some time it will become clogged.

Once this happens the oil will be able to pass into a relief valve. The second thing that will occur is that because this dirty, thick oil is more abrasive and is able to pass through the parts of the engine it will cause more wear and tear. It will be less effective in lubricating the engine and further damage will be caused.

Of course you have a good many kilometres you can go before this causes a catastrophe but prevention is always the best method. Our best advice is to have your vehicle regularly serviced by the professional and experienced team at Turley Car & Truck.

Give them a call and book your service today, they offer services on cars, trucks and fleets as well as truck washing.


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Care for Your Car Between Services

At Turley Car & Truck we can service your vehicle with expert knowledge and care. Ensuring your car or truck runs at its best is just as important to us as it is to you. This is because keeping the running of your vehicle in tip top condition means that we have done our job well and you know we are a team of mechanics you can rely on to provide an honest car service. However, there are times when your vehicle will need larger repairs or more; we will do our best at all times to reach the best outcome for you at each service and repair. In the meantime, here are some maintenance and care tips you can do yourself to keep your truck or car looking great and running well in combination with regular services from us.

Be kind to your car’s engine

When you first start your vehicle, remember the engine will be cold. Resist the urge to pump the accelerator to speed the warming up process, as this will wear out your engine faster. When you start driving after you first start up, accelerate slowly. Whenever you are driving your vehicle and you are sitting at red lights, take the car out of gear and put it in neutral. This will allow the engine to ‘rest’ and reduce wear. Check oil and fluid levels regularly, particularly before long car trips. Have the filter and oil changed on the mechanic’s advice. Doing this rids metal particles and abrasive dirt from the engine and therefore prolongs its life.

Cleanliness prevents damage

Cleaning your car is not just about keeping it looking good. Cleaning your car helps prevent corrosion and waxing prevents paintwork from pollution and bird droppings. The interior of your car needs care too. Juices and soft drink that can be spilt are corrosive to interiors and dirt or grime that is allowed to build up can become unhygienic. Remember when you are spending time in your vehicle breathing in air or air conditioning it’s better to have a clean environment.

Cleaning your engine will prevent damage too.

A clean engine will have less chance of overheating and also makes it easier to spotany damage that may be present.


Your tyres are like the feet of your vehicle so they need to be cared for. Check that the pressure is at the right psi level and check the tyres for uneven wear and tear. Not having the right amount of air in them will result in using more fuel when driving.

Car battery

The heart of your car is the battery; keep terminals clean by wiping with a damp cloth and check for cracking in the battery case. Following some simple guidelines will help to reduce the running costs of your vehicle. Give us a call to arrange your service today.  

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Honesty is the Best Policy

If you own a car or a truck you have to get it serviced; there is no way around this. When it comes to getting a reliable car service, some motorists can be weary of mechanics. Sadly, they are out there, the ones who may not do what they are paid to do or who say more work needs to be done in order to make more money.

In the short term, these mechanics may see this as a win, but at Turley Car & Truck, we know this won’t produce a happy customer or create repeat business. We want our customers to be happy with the service every time and know they can rely on us to keep their car or truck running at its best.

Here are a few warning signs or things to practice to avoid mechanic rip offs and things that you won’t experience with us.

Safety a priority

Sometimes there are repairs required on a vehicle that may make it unsafe to drive. In these situations, your mechanic should always advise against it as it could risk your life if they don’t.

However, some mechanics may say this in order to pressure a sale. If this happens, you should always enquire why. At Turley Car & Truck we will advise the reasons behind this immediately and we will always have your safety in mind.

Second opinions and going with your gut

If you feel a little unsure about the advice your current mechanic is giving you, get a second opinion. By all means, contact us and let us know the situation, bring your vehicle to us and we will give you an honest appraisal and quote for repairs.

Because we are an authorised repairer for a number of insurance companies, you know we are trusted and experienced. Sometimes you walk into a room and things don’t feel ‘right’. The same can be said of a workshop.

There is nothing wrong with expecting to see an organised workshop and to be greeted in a friendly and open manner. At Turley Car & Truck we do our best to make all customers feel welcome and we keep our workshop safe and tidy for carrying out our work.

Be aware

The more aware you are as the driver, the better we can help you. By knowing when your services are due and getting them done, goes a long way to keeping your vehicle in shipshape condition.

If you hear any noises that shouldn’t be there, try to pinpoint its origin as well as you can so you can tell us. That way we can source the problem a lot faster. We only want to do our best for our customers and we can do that by working together.

For top servicing and honest work, contact Turley Car & Truck today.


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Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold

There is nothing worse than your car breaking down. Wherever you are going, no matter the time of day, you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road or at home next to a car that won’t go.

In some cases your car breaking down can be prevented by getting regular services to have any repairs carried out before they materialise. In other situations, there is nothing that could have prevented it.

Common break down reasons

Ignoring the ‘check engine’ light is never a good idea. One reason may be that the gas cap is loose and checking this can help. It could be more serious, however, such as an evaporative leak or a cracked hose in older cars, which indicates a fuel leak. Regular servicing with Turley Car & Truck can help detect such problems ahead of time.

Flat tyres or blowouts are no motorist’s friend. These are one of the most common issues with breakdowns and can be very frustrating for both men and women alike. Over-inflation or wear and tear is usually the culprits.

By making sure you replace your tyres when required and knowing the levels at which they should be inflated, you can avoid such an annoying mishap. Another cause of flat tyres is nails and bolts. Unfortunately, these are discovered all too late; however, the hole can often be repaired to save replacing the whole tyre.

Cooling systems that are faulty or coolant that is not topped up can result in overheating. It is especially important to keep an eye on the coolant levels over the hot months as well as check brake fluid and automatic transmission fluid where present.

If your warning light does come on then switch off the air conditioning and turn on the heater. This will help remove some of the heat from the engine and hopefully get you to a safe spot.

Your car battery generally lets you down when you least expect it and even batteries that are not that old can cause a problem if they are being drained by another fault in the car. If your car is taking some time to start, it may be the battery, which should be checked.

Common problems can be prevented with the help of Turley Car & Truck as they offer servicing for your trucks and vehicles. Should any issues slip through the cracks, however, you can rely on their reliable tow truck services to get you off the side of the road fast.



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Make Regular Car Servicing to Save Money

One of the biggest mistakes that car owner makes is not getting the car regularly serviced. Perhaps, they think that the car is still performing well and is not breaking down, so there should be no need to get an car service to look at it. Some car owners get to be so irresponsible as to wait for an actual breakdown before they seek help regarding their car’s condition. What they fail to realise is that they are actually spending more when they neglect regular check-ups and servicing of their vehicle.

To ensure that the vehicle is always in top condition, it must be checked by a trusted car servicing company. Turley Car and Truck can provide all the maintenance needs of a vehicle to make them road worthy and safe to drive on the road.

Less Costly in the Long Run

When one makes a full computation to compare the expenses spent in regular servicing versus the costs associated to a repair due to a breakdown, it will become clear that regular servicing actually is the cheaper choice. There are just simple items that the car owner needs to have regularly checked to make sure that the vehicle is always running in good condition. These items include oil change and checking for radiator problems. These may be small items to consider, but if they are not checked on a regular basis, they may cause the car to break down.

Avoiding Costly Road Accidents

Keeping the car in good condition means lesser incidents of breakdowns in the middle of a drive. This can also mean better safety since all components of the vehicle have been checked and minor corrections have been done. Getting into an accident on the road would be more costly for the car owner, so it simply makes sense to ensure the safety of the car before they are used on the road.

Longer Life for the Car

Regular servicing and maintenance will help the car to perform well for a longer period. With regular checks and tune-ups, any small mistakes are corrected to preserve the life of the car. As long as small parts are available for the car, there should not be any problems in maintaining it.

Turley Car and Truck can provide the car with the necessary regular servicing that will prolong their lifespan. To find out how the company can assist you in regular maintenance and checks, go to their website at


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The Importance of Having a Reliable Mechanic

There is nothing worse then a car that continuously breaks down, especially at the most inconvenient time. Then you have to find someone to tow your car to a mechanic and that can be expensive. That’s the last thing you need so it is good news that there is a mechanic who offers a towing service that will not rip you off. Finding an honest mechanic is not an easy task but at Turley’s Car and Truck, you can be sure of good quality, honest service without breaking the bank. Finding a company that won’t take advantage of your lack of mechanical knowledge is not impossible.

What Use is a Good Mechanic?

There are many reasons you need to find a good mechanic; one of these is for safety reasons. Ensuring your vehicle is safe and roadworthy is the job of reliable mechanics. The last thing you want is to be in an unsafe vehicle, which could cause an accident or make an accident worse. Having a good mechanic will ensure road safety for you and your car. Having a car that is safe for you and your family is important, which means you have to entrust your car’s upkeep to a mechanic with a good reputation and Turley Car and Truck have that reputation.

Regular checkups for your car will also prove to be cost effective in the long run. With your car being checked on a regular basis any issues can be picked up before they do too much damage. This is what makes regular checks cost effective. It also increases the life of your vehicle.

If your car is properly maintained then you will get a good performance out of it and you will have peace of mind in knowing you have a reliable car that won’t break down at the worst possible time. Having a reliable mechanic equals having a reliable car. Why would you settle for a less then reliable mechanic when you pay so much for a car these days? Cars are too expensive to leave the mechanical checkups to chance; it is better to have them serviced on a regular basis for your own benefit.

A Company you can Trust

Turley Car and Truck are the mechanics you can trust to keep your car running the way it is supposed to, and if you happen to break down, they have an excellent towing service that can pick up your car from where it has broken down and take the car to their garage ready to be fixed. You couldn’t ask for better service than that.

For more information go to


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