The Requirements for Interstate Vehicle Transfers

When you move to Queensland and you own a car, one of the requirements as a new resident of the state is to obtain a valid roadworthy certificate, or safety certificate, for your vehicles so that you can transfer the registration to your new home state. If you are thinking of selling your vehicle before moving out of state, your must also secure a road worthy certificate before you can advertise it for sale.

You are required to register your vehicle in Queensland within 14 days of your transfer and the establishment of your new garage address. You could incur a fine if your vehicle is not registered within the allotted period.

What is a Safety Certificate?

You will be issued with a safety certificate after your vehicle passes a minimum safety standard inspection. The inspection will cover the basic mechanical parts of a vehicle, including tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, body rust or damage, windscreen and lights. The vehicles that require a roadworthy certificate are cars, motorbikes and trailers, including caravans, with an aggregate trailer mass of 0.751-3.50 tonnes, and any other vehicles with as much as 4.50 tonnes gross vehicle mass.

The safety certificate guarantees that the vehicle being re-registered in Queensland is safe, therefore minimising the possibility of road accidents caused by defective vehicles. You must display the safety certificate in a prominent part of your vehicle like the windscreen or window. Not displaying the safety certificate on your vehicle carries a fine of $550.

Who Issues Safety Certificates?

Safety certificates can only be issued by approved inspection stations, which are service stations, garages and mechanical workshops that have been approved by Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads.

You will find approved inspection stations across Queensland and you can arrange inspections during normal business hours. Your local mechanic, who has been servicing and repairing your car for years, could be an approved inspection station. Having your mechanic do the safety inspection is a great advantage for you, as you can trust your mechanic to do a competent and upfront job for you.

Make sure the car service you choose has a valid licence to conduct safety and machinery inspections and to issue safety certificates after the vehicles have passed the inspection. If your vehicle needs repairs, the approved inspection station must also be able to competently carry out those repairs, and then issue a road worthy certificate to you after finishing the repairs.


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Using Containers for Extra Storage Space

When it comes to moving goods over a long distance, a storage container is essential. Not only are these containers used to ship goods all over the world, they are used to move and store goods domestically as well. Containers offer a great solution in terms of security and are becoming more affordable for the home user now.

Secure Storage

Containers are very secure – they are also durable and weather proof. The fact is that many people now turn to storage containers to add extra storage space to their homes.

They are easy to lock and difficult to break into providing you with a high security solution.


As far as storage units go, containers take some beating. Made from steel, they are impervious to wood boring insects and not prone to rotting as wood does. They are low maintenance and do not require varnishing every few years.

There is no need to lay foundations, and you are not going to need any building permits. They are also completely mobile – if you move, they can move with you.

If you are planning on moving, your container can simply be packed and conveniently towed. Turley Car and Truck offer efficient towing to help you move your container from Point A to Point B.

Turley Car and Truck offers specialist container towing and so you don’t need to worry that, when moving, your container and its contents will become a nightmare.

A Spacious Solution

Containers come in a range of sizes allowing you to choose the perfect size for your needs. They are easy to pack and can help you to save a lot of space. You can have more than one container if you like and have them installed in a modular system.

The fact that containers come in a variety of shapes makes them very versatile. You can simply go for a basic container or choose one that comes complete with air conditioner and doors to make a great temporary onsite office. Containers are so versatile that people sometimes even use them as temporary homes when their houses are being renovated.

Still, a container’s primary purpose is storage and this is the main reason why they have become so popular of late. What may have put consumers off a little in the past is the cost of containers and the difficulty in transporting them.

Fortunately, costs have come down and you can easily find a company that will transport your container for you. Considering the cost of renting a storage unit, or maintaining a garden shed, containers are a cost-effective option.

For more information on moving your container, go to


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What to Expect from a Normal Vehicle Service

The average motorist will probably be clueless about what goes on at a vehicle service and what happens when a car is being repaired. Motorists are basically putting their money and trust in the mechanic and auto repair shop to do what is needed to keep their vehicles running smoothly and roadworthy. Though motorists trust that their car is in good hands, it would still benefit them to know what is involved in vehicle service.

What is Involved in Car Services?

There are basically two types of car service: minor services and major car services. A minor car service is needed for every 10-15 thousand kilometres (depending on car maker) and it can take as little as 90 minutes. A major service is required for every 30-45 thousand kilometres (depending on car maker) and can take anywhere from three to four hours to an entire business day. This is because a major vehicle service tends to involve comprehensive work and may include the servicing of non-standard elements like air conditioning, lubricant and brake services.

Minor vehicle service generally involves any or all of the following: replacing oil and oil filter; inspecting belts; inspecting hoses; checking brakes and brake fluid; checking air conditioning; testing the cooling system; checking battery; checking and topping up fluids; checking exhaust; checking transmission; checking steering and suspension; checking lights and tyres; checking windscreen wipers and washers; and checking air and fuel filters.

Major vehicle service generally includes the following: checking and topping up all oils and fluids; safety inspection; checking brakes; checking exhaust; checking transmission; checking steering and suspension; checking external engine belts and hoses; checking all lights; checking tyres and pressures; checking windscreen washers and wipers; testing battery; testing cooling system and coolant condition; checking brake fluid; checking external air and fuel filters; replacing oil and oil filter; replacing standard spark plugs; checking air conditioning system; re-packing all wheel bearings; and changing all trans line oils.

Why have you Car Serviced?

You are not saving money, both in the short and long term, when you do not have your car serviced regularly. Your car will be fuel efficient, as well as safer and more reliable, if properly maintained. This is because defects will be discovered early and addressed immediately, thus saving your car from a complete breakdown. A regular service will also keep the wear and tear on your car to a minimum, ensuring that it retains a good value if you decide to sell it. Cars with a complete service history will usually draw more buyers and higher prices.

Make sure to send your car to trusted mechanics. Your mechanic can provide a list of things to be done and a list of things that were actually done on your car. Having this information is the first step to knowing your car and its requirements. You cannot afford to ignore vehicle servicing because of the anxiety of the unknown. Knowing a little bit about what is involved in car servicing may actually help you overcome your initial anxiety.


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Benefits of Towing

Imagine being stuck on the side of the road with a broken down car. How distressing this can be, especially for a female. Cars are unpredictable when not properly maintained and things can go wrong even with a well-maintained vehicle.

Having a car break down on the side of the road with no idea what is wrong with it can be pretty disconcerting, particularly when you have no idea who to call to get you going again. There are many tow truck companies out there that can take your car to the closest mechanic, but how reputable are they or the mechanic they take you to?

Look for a Seal of Approval

If you want to find a trustworthy towing company, then you can’t go past Turley Car and Truck. With years of experience in towing and mechanical, they are the best choice to get your car going again. They also have the “Seal of Approval” from other reputable companies. Turley Car and Truck are also the towing contractors for Alliance Global Assistance. As such they are fully licensed for accident and insurance towing jobs, so you can be confident that you are dealing with professionals in every way.

Find a Trustworthy Towing Company

Nobody wants to break down and get stuck somewhere, so it makes sense to call a company that you know has a good reputation. The myth that you have to be in a club for towing services is just that. It’s a myth. You don’t have to be in a breakdown service club for Turley’s to be able to give you a tow. One phone call is all it takes to have Turley’s fast, reliable service to get your car going again.

If you get stuck it is always best to have someone you can call in case of a breakdown. Being organised and knowing who to call is the only way to be, at least then you know that if you do have car problems that you have a reliable company to help you.

So whether you have a reliable car or not, know that even the most reliable car can let you down when you least expect it. If you get stranded on the side of the road then the best company to call is Turley Car and Truck, you can trust them to look after you and get you going again. There is no better towing company that you could ask for to be looking after you when things go wrong with your car.

For more information, go to


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The Benefits of Car Servicing

While on the road, drivers bear certain responsibilities, including following road rules, being courteous to fellow motorists, and putting safety first. The last includes making sure your car is in a roadworthy condition.

Knowing the basics such as how to check air pressure and monitor engine oil levels is important. However, a car is a complex piece of machinery that needs to be serviced and maintained by an expert. A car that is not properly maintained is a danger on the roads. Moreover, you can save a lot of money in the long term with a regular car service.

Here are other reasons why it is essential to have your car regularly serviced.

Save on Fuel

A car features interconnecting components, and minor changes to these components can significantly impact on the performance of your car. These changes will happen over time due to natural wear and tear. Have these changes looked into before they become significant, with regular servicing. As your car gradually loses efficiency because of natural wear and tear, it will need more and more fuel to travel the same distance. With regular servicing, your car will need fewer visits to the gas station and you can save money for other things.

Extend the Life of your Tyres

Regular servicing should include tyre rotation and balance. This involves transferring the rear tyres to the front of the car, and vice versa. The front tyres should be balanced so the car will not vibrate at high speeds.

Aside from ensuring that you have the best tyres on the front for safety, tyre rotation is important, as it will prolong the life of your tyres by balancing their wear. Tyres are expensive, and regular rotation will maximise their lifespan.

Ensuring Safety for You, Your Family and other Motorists

Irregular servicing and improper maintenance make your car a lethal machine on the road. There are simple things you can perform to ensure that your car is in good condition. However, these should not replace the services that a professional mechanic can do for your car. Regular servicing by a professional will significantly minimise the risk of serious accidents on the road.

Avoid Breakdowns

Many vehicle breakdowns can be prevented with simple and regular car servicing. Many breakdowns can be blamed on fluids being allowed to reach low levels or simple repairs not being performed in a timely manner. Regular servicing will detect any defects that could become bigger issues, including worn brakes, oil or coolant leaks, or broken shock absorbers and tyres.

Keeping the Resale Value of your Car

If you decide to sell you car, it will attract more potential buyers if you can provide a complete, regular service history. It will allow you to easily sell your car and get a higher price if the car is looked after regularly.


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Picking the Right Tow Company

Picture yourself on a road trip, or late at night somewhere or just anywhere really, and the inconvenience of breaking down. It is likely you were on your way somewhere and that you still needed either to get to your destination or to just head back the way you came.

In this kind of situation you need to know the contact details of a towing company that is reliable and fast with their service. In times like these, it is important that you have someone you can rely on.

In order to find such a tow company so you can keep their details handy in the event of an accident, breakdown or for regular tow jobs, what do you look for?

Keep an eye on the signs

There are plenty of tow companies to choose from, but there are a few telltale signs to keep in mind when choosing the right one. For a start, longevity is a good sign you are on to a good thing. For example, Turley Car and Truck have been operating since 1987, which shows they are not a ‘fly by the night’ company and that they intend to stay. This shows they must foster a good customer satisfaction ethos and that they have been in this industry for a long time. Turley Car & Truck are also family owned, which usually creates a closer feeling amongst staff and happy staff work harder and better, getting their jobs done right every time.

Who are their clients?

A reputable towing company such as Turley Car & Truck will have the ‘seal of approval’ from other reputable companies such as repairers and insurance companies. Turley Car and Truck are authorised towing contractors for Allianz Global Assistance, and are fully licensed for accident and insurance towing jobs. They are also an authorised repairer for Allianz Insurance, Suncorp, Gio, AAMI, AMP and Vero.

There is no doubt about the fact that Turley Car & Truck are professional, reliable and they are good at what they do. They can be contacted 24 hours a day in emergencies or you can set up regular tow jobs with them and it’s not only cats they can tow. Small trucks, trailers, caravans, machinery and containers can all have towing arranged through the company.

If you want the services of a reliable tow truck, visit Turley Car & Truck online at



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Benefits of Hiring Truck Washing Services

Operating a big fleet of trucks can be overwhelming work. You have to look after their condition one by one, making sure that they are running smooth. The state and condition of your fleet can influence the success of your truck business.

Part of maintaining your trucks’ good condition is keeping them clean. Operating a truck service also requires keeping a good image for your business. Maintaining a clean fleet of trucks should not be a problem if you hire the services of mechanics that offer truck-washing services. There are many advantages to gain when you hire professional services for this part of maintenance work.

Time Efficiency

Most of the time, the biggest issue with operating a truck fleet is finding the time to wash all of them. This problem gets bigger as you grow your fleet. Your people would have to wash the vehicles by hand, one by one. This can take up much precious time.

You can devote time to other parts of the truck business operation if you assign the cleaning task to a truck-washing service. They have the right facility and they are equipped with the needed tools to clean your trucks efficiently. All you need to do is bring the trucks to the facility and let them do the work.

Cost Savings

If you prefer to wash your trucks at your workplace, you might have to resort to hiring more people just to do the truck washing work. You can avoid the extra cost if you opt to hire a truck washing service. The money you pay for such a service is definitely much lower than if you were to pay for man hours spent in washing the trucks.

Significant cost savings are also realised if you consider the amount of energy and water that you will need to wash all of your vehicles.

Better Work Quality

You can be sure of good thorough cleaning of the trucks if you get them to a truck washing facility. Professional truck washing facilities use hot water pressure cleaning machines to wash the trucks. Hoisting machines will help clean the underside of the trucks. A hoist to lift the trucks off the ground will ensure that the undercarriages are degreased and cleaned completely.

With the help of a truck washing service, your trucks are certain to be in good condition. They are your best choice in making sure your engine, chassis and undercarriage are kept in good condition.


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Getting a Vehicle Ready for Towing

There are various types of equipment that are needed to tow a caravan, or any sort of trailer, back of your sedan or four-wheel drive. The equipment will ensure that the tow vehicle is set up properly and will reach its destination safely.

Equipment for Towing a Vehicle

The types of equipment needed to prepare a vehicle for towing are suspension, towbars and hit receivers, and weight distribution equipment. It is not important what type of suspension is used as long as it is firm. Leaf springs are believed to be more capable of bearing loads than coil springs. Furthermore, a sturdy load distribution hitch will prevent any sagging in the rear of the vehicle.

There are two kinds of towbars used for towing vehicles: a light-duty towbar and a heavy-duty towbar, also called a hitch receiver. Make sure that that towing ball height and caravan coupling are about the same height, so that the caravan will ride in an even manner.

The weight distribution equipment is an effective and safe way to get the tow vehicle and caravan as level as possible after they are attached to each other. The weight distribution bars function by shifting weight from the rear wheels to the front of the tow vehicle, allowing steering and braking to be smooth.

When Do You Need a Towing Service?

There are many situations where you need the help of a towing service. Your vehicle will stop running if it has mechanical problems. Whether it is a small or major problem, a tow truck will be able to move your vehicle from the point where it stopped to the repair shop.

A car accident may render the vehicle inoperable. Even if the car has been damaged beyond repair, a tow truck should be called to move it to a storage yard until the insurance firm is able to take a look at it.

If your vehicle ends up in a ditch or snow bank, you do not have the traction needed to get it back on the road. In this situation, a towing service can help you get your vehicle unstuck and back on the road again.

If your car stops in the middle of your road trip due to unexpected vehicle trouble, call a professional towing service to haul your vehicle safely to the garage for repair. Fast and affordable towing is just a phone call away.

Turley Car and Truck offers regular towing and emergency towing services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The company has the capability to tow cars, small trucks, caravans, trailers, machinery and containers. Turley Car and Truck provides towing services for Allianz Global Assistance and it is certified to perform accident and insurance towing jobs.

The company ensures that your vehicle is handled with care by following the correct way of towing vehicles in any given situation. You do not need to call a repair shop because the company also has mechanics to fix your vehicle’s engine or mechanical trouble. For more information on towing services, visit


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Benefits of Using a Towing Service

Not many people will call a tow truck service when they encounter car trouble on the road. This is because of the mistaken belief that they have to sign up with an exclusive auto club to get the benefit of emergency roadside assistance, or that a towing service is simply that villain they see on television towing illegally parked vehicles. In fact, a professional towing service can help you with many different car troubles, including flat tyres and lock outs.

There are many benefits to using a professional towing service. You do not have to walk for miles to the nearest gas station if you find yourself out of fuel, or push your car a long way to safety. It is important to know a number of a  tow truck service because vehicle trouble is unpredictable. If you find yourself in the middle of nowhere the next time you experience car trouble, feel confident that a towing service is just a phone call away.

Available 24/7

You never know what time of day you will experience car trouble. You could be on the road driving home after midnight when your car could suddenly stop for no apparent reason. A professional towing truck driver will drive to wherever you are any time of the day to assist you with whatever vehicle trouble you have.

Professional Service

You car could be damaged if you attempt to push it yourself to the nearest garage to get fixed, or if you put a contraption on it in an attempt to tow it to a safe place. A licensed tow truck service has the right equipment required for the service. This will ensure that your vehicle will not incur further damage due to inappropriate handling of it.

There are also car owners who believe that a tow truck service is a cost that they cannot afford. In truth, reputable tow truck service companies charge reasonable labour fees for the professional and competent services they provide.

Avoiding Stress

Your first reaction is panic and a feeling of helplessness when your vehicle suddenly stalls, especially in a place where there is no gas station or garage in the immediate vicinity. Calling a professional tow truck service will relieve you of the worries about where to send your car for repairs. Professional tow truck drivers will know what to do and where to go. You can rest assured that your car is in good hands with a licensed tow truck service.

Nothing beats having your car regularly serviced and maintained to avoid the hassle of unexpected car trouble. However, when your car stops when you least expect it, calling a tow truck service is a must.


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Importance of a Towing Service

Road accidents, mishaps and car breakdowns can happen anytime. When an unfortunate incident suddenly happens to you on the road, it can be quite painful to get help. What if you get stuck in the middle of the road and you end up waiting for someone to stop and help you? Such a situation can be avoided with a little preparation.

You’ll Need Someone Reliable

Having a dependable tow truck service to call will make a huge difference if ever you get into an unwarranted incident on the road. You could be vacationing in another country or region, and if you are driving and your car breaks down, it can be doubly hard to get help. You can save yourself from such frustration if you can contact a local towing service. If ever you get stuck in the Ipswich area, you can always get help from Turley Car and Truck, a vehicle servicing company that also offers reliable towing services 24 hours a day.

The company provides regular towing services as well as towing for emergencies or accident attendance. Their towing service can arrange for towing of any type of vehicle, including cars and trucks, as well as large vehicles, machinery or containers. They are also fully licensed to perform accident and insurance towing work. Currently, the company is an authorised contractor for Allianz Global Assistance.

Save the Number

A towing service should be treated the same way you would the police or a hospital. You need to save the number of a professional towing service in your phone or address book so you have someone to call if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

There is no telling when an accident or a breakdown will happen to your vehicle. These things are unexpected and sometimes they happen just as you are already having a really bad day. If you do not have anybody to call for help, you could end up waiting for hours for someone to stop by and help you with your predicament.

Be prepared and avoid thinking that such unfortunate incidents could not happen to you. It is better to be prepared. You can at least make it easier to cope with that difficult and challenging day if you have an emergency towing service to call.

For towing services in the Ipswich area, you can contact Turley Car and Truck at 3202-1153 for regular towing, and 0407-177679 for emergency assistance. For more information, visit the company’s website at



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